Admob and Unity Comparison

There are many mobile ad networks available in the market but very few are as big as Admob. This helps publishers and app makers monetize their shares at the highest prices. The network has a good presence in all geographies with higher rates for tier one countries such as Japan, the US, and the UK. Unlike AdSense, Admob has no language restrictions.

Once your app is on the Playstore or Appstore, you can start monetizing your app by placing your ad code in the SDK. Along with widespread ad formats such as original banners, interstitials, and rewarded video ads, Admob also provides mediation tools to help publishers leverage every influence. Unity ads, on the other hand, are regular mobile ad networks created specifically for game makers. Networks have ties to perhaps the biggest brands and advertisers trying to find game inventory. Unity Ads is very common and is known for higher eCPM for rewarded video ads.

In this newsletter, we'll do a detailed assessment of Admob vs Unity Ads that lets you choose the ad community that's right for you. Typically, when you make plans to use the regular ad community, there are still some site visitor requirements that may over time reach 1 million page views each month and more. This usually happens for internet sites. However, for ad networks like Admob and Unity Ads, you don't have such a large traffic rule. Once you have an app running on the Play Store that gets a decent number of impressions, you can start using this mobile ad network.

But the difference is that you want to have a lot of ad impressions and besides, want to engage visitors to earn a serious income from in-app ads. While there are no minimum traffic requirements, benefiting from in-app ads is problematic because CPM tends to be much lower than websites. Admob is understood to provide a strong eCPM in all areas that make Admob's eCPM average quite high compared to other networks when compared. This provides a high rate for rewarded video ads for tier one traffic. The general one tends to be around $16 for iOS and $12 for Android.

For Japanese iOS, BPSe reaches $22 for rewarded videos. Interstitial rates tend to be around $5 to $8 while for original banners it's about $1 and more. Admob doesn't offer much revenue competency for level 3 site visitors because CPM is relative across its ad unit range. For international locations such as India, the CPM rate for local banners is about 7 cents and interstitial ads are about 40 cents. A video that's priced can be a little over 80 cents into a dollar.

However, compared to the rate of the first-level international location, it is very low. Unity ads have a CPM of $10 to $12 for first-rate countries. The eCPM video that is priced for state-level 3 is about a dollar for Unity ads. We've seen that the rates are pretty much the same on iOS and Android for Unity ads. The rate for normal video ads is about $5 to $7. Countries that have better video ad rates come with Japan, the US, Canada, Germany, and more.

Admob is fairly consistent with its pricing requirements and pays app builders on a NET basis 30 days after the revenue raised exceeds $100 for the month. If your income is less than $100, the payment is moved to a better cycle. Admob payments are processed through AdSense and thus the terms and price cycles are similar to AdSense. To receive costs from Unity ads, you want to send an invoice to Stability the minimum revenue required to submit an invoice is $100 USD. Your payment can be processed within 30 days of receiving your bill and Unity ads pay you via wire transfer at this time. So to put an end to it, if you're a game app developer, make sure you're actually trying Unity ads to increase your general revenue from Rewarded video ads and regular video ads.

There are app makers who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Unity ads. The community reaches over 400 million U.S. viewers and has a high level of true traffic. Additionally, you can use Admob to mediate with Unity ads to see better from both networks. We recommend that you use an intelligent ad mediation platform like Appodeal that can optimize multiple ad networks, ad units, and placements to get you the highest revenue from each impression. Hopefully, this comparison of Admob vs Unity Ads is useful for you.


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