Creative Ways to Invite Comments on Instagram Business Accounts in 2021

7 Creative Ways to Invite Comments on Instagram Business Accounts

1. Make sure your account is Public

On Instagram, make sure your new followers can find your content when they visit your account by setting the account to public.

The way is to simply navigate to the profile section, tap the gear icon (Settings) at the top right, and make sure to deactivate the private account option

2. Turn on Push Notifications Fitur

Also, make sure to activate the push notifications feature so you can quickly reply to or like your followers' comments.

Remember, the more users interact with your account, the higher their feed will be, and your content will appear on their homepage.

How to turn on the Push Notification feature, namely in the Settings menu in the Profile section.

Just click or tap on the Push Notification Settings option and select what type of Instagram action (Like / Comment) you want notifications to appear later.

3. Curated Interesting Content

People will not like or leave comments on content that is not interesting. So make sure to hone your creativity when loading or releasing content.

Also, make sure to use high-quality photos or videos that are full of color to please your followers' eyes.

This can keep your Instagram feed looking fresh and attractive.

4. Hold a Giveaway Contest

A fun and easy way to get followers to comment on your Instagram posts are by holding an Instagram contest or giveaway.

You can post on Instagram to promote a contest, then ask users to log in by commenting on your post.

Give the timeframe for the contest at least 1 week. Don't be shy to invite followers to create their content (UGC) and tag your brand in the post.

And finally, don't forget to give attractive prizes to the winners so that you have a lot of contest participants.

5. Invite Followers To Leave Comments

A simple way to get more Instagram comments is to request them.

Post content on Instagram that's fit to share and ask users to answer questions or tag their friends or coworkers in the comments.

It's a fun and easy way to interact with your audience, and it helps you get more comments too.

You can also ask questions like Agree or disagree?, or What are your suggestions? to request feedback and get more comments.

6. Post something funny, shocking, or provocative

In a study of what makes content go viral, research reveals some of the internet's most viral moments also trigger high emotions.

Among the most common are posts that create anticipation, surprise viewers, and provoke curiosity and uncertainty.

Emotions that trigger feelings of joy are also among the most common, so think about the content you can share on Instagram that makes people feel emotions so intense that they are compelled to comment on them.

7. Use Relevant Hashtags

When posting content, make sure that you use relevant and popular hashtags / Instagram hashtags, because your posts will later appear in searches for those hashtags and the Explore tab.

Posts with at least one hashtag typically achieve over 12% more engagement. Interested influencers and users may comment organically when they see you talking about a topic they are also interested in, or you can combine some of the strategies above to generate engagement.


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