Creative Ways to Promote Products on Facebook in 2021

5 Creative Ways to Promote Products on Facebook

Every business owner certainly wants his business to grow, reach many new customers, and generate abundant profits. But know-how, for those of you who mainly like to play social media, don't just use it to exist. Use the platform to expand your business too.

For those of you who are confused about how it works, don't worry. Here you will learn 5 creative ways to increase your business through the social media platform Facebook

1. Conducting User Generated Content (UGC) Based Campaigns

User-Generated Content (UGC) campaigns are all about requesting and sharing created content with your audience. Facebook users love and are more likely to share photos or videos they like, so treat them like your product's Brand Ambassador.

The best way to run a UGC campaign is to offer your audience a giveaway by posting their photo along with your product.

You can also offer a discount for followers who share the photo with hashtags that are relevant to your product.

In addition to Facebook, you can also do this on Twitter, Instagram, or even Youtube. It's even better if you promote your brand across all these platforms. That way the income or potential customers that you will get will come from many sources

2. Demonstrate Creative Ways to Use Your Products

62% of customers say they want content from a Brand that shows how to use their product. You can fulfill that need and share some creative ideas on how to use your product with videos.

In short, you are like making video tutorials like the many circulating on Youtube about how to use your product properly and correctly.

In your Video, you can show the product and explain how to use it. Or you can also show how others have used it (UGC campaign combination) and provide positive and inspirational lifestyle tips that match the product line you offer.

3. Give Incentives to those who promote Your Products

Referrals from customers are one of the best ways to reach people who share the same interests as those customers. This can also be used as a free promotion tool because your customers want to voluntarily promote your product.

It would be even better if you run a loyalty program for your business, look for a program that allows you to reward various actions taken by customers.

For example, you can give them a gift or discount for inviting friends to your business by sharing your page with their Facebook friends.

As another example, you give a 30% discount to loyal followers of your Page if they can invite 50 or more of their friends to like your Facebook Page.

This way, your followers will be more enthusiastic about sharing the content you create, and their loyalty will also increase.

With this program, you seem to appreciate your followers who have participated in developing your Business Page.

4. Build Trust With Positive Ratings & Reviews

If you already have a lot of followers on your Facebook Page, don't be afraid and hesitate to ask your followers for an assessment or review of your Page's performance so far.

Make sure to do it in a non-intrusive way and without offering incentives. Make no mistake, every year social media users are getting smarter. They will know which ratings or positive reviews are genuine and which ones are fake (paid).

Even if your Page only has a few *5 Reviews, it can increase your Page's visibility indirectly. Because reviews can appear in someone's search results when they are looking for information about things related to your business.

Reviews also play a very important role for customers in determining product purchase decisions.

If you don't see a Review tab for your Page, just go to your Facebook Page and click Settings. On the General Settings tab, click Review and select the option Allow Visitors to Review This Page. When finished, make sure to click Save Changes.

After that, a review tab will appear on your Page, allowing visitors to your Page to leave a review about the business you manage.

Don't forget to also thank your customers or followers who are satisfied and give positive reviews. Make sure that you respond to all their questions on Facebook immediately and try to surprise them a little from time to time.

5. Maximize Profit With Facebook Ads

Retargeting and Lookalike Audience ads on Facebook Ads are a great method of advertising on Facebook for e-commerce, especially when it comes to posting about new products or promoting existing product pages with the Click website ad format.

In terms of Retargeting ads, you can use your company data to target an audience similar to your current buyers.

If you've collected email addresses from subscribers, simply import the list of email addresses into Facebook to create a Lookalike Audience. This is a great way to target similar demographic profiles. But keep in mind that some of the email addresses you have on file may not exactly match the ones on your audience profile on Facebook

If you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you can target audiences based on customers who buy products on your website.

For example, you might want to promote a product that a customer added to their shopping cart but didn't buy. You can use retargeting ads to show those products to interested people.

These 5 tips will help you build trust with your customers, expand your market reach, and increase the overall popularity of your brand/product.

So start creating new promotional videos, run User Generated Content campaigns, and create Facebook ads that highlight what you're selling and why it's useful to your customers.


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