How to Create a Marketing Strategy for a New Ecommerce Website in 2021

You have all the products you want to sell on your eCommerce site. They look very pretty, your website looks amazing then you launch the site. However, a few days passed and there were no orders, no traffic. Even if there's an order, it's from your mother or one of your best friends.

In this article, we'll outline how to create a marketing strategy for a new eCommerce website. Here are the ways:

1. Focus on your niche

 You don't want to create an eCommerce store that sells all sorts of stuff like Amazon. You'll be devastated. Be an expert in one field. Being a great eCommerce store is a very difficult thing.

You have to outperform it in terms of price and you won't be an expert in any case so you don't have an edge over them. They will also offer faster delivery than you.

So when you choose a niche, you can become an expert in that niche and have the best product in that category. You will be known for your products and win the competition even though your products are slightly more expensive than competitors' products. When you're in a niche, it's easier to advertise on your eCommerce site and generate sales than it is to have an extensive eCommerce site.

2. Create a unique and deadly sales proposition.

Why should people buy from you? For example, one of my friends sells insole as sold by Dr. Scholl. However, it sells customizable insole only for heels. Although his brand is not Dr. Scholl, he makes more than six figures a month in a month through Facebook ads that invite people to visit his eCommerce store.

How could it be? She made an incredible video explaining her life along with high heels. She told me how much she loved her high-end luxury heels, and they all felt uncomfortable wearing them.

She cried and explained how she created the best insole to make her feel comfortable for women of all shapes and sizes to walk in these high heels with an amazing feeling and comfortable 24/7.

So that's the offer. Meanwhile, a business like Dr. Scholl always says, "Hey, we're making these soles comfortable to wear for anyone." But for anyone? It may work well for my Nike shoes, but it doesn't work well for my formal shoes.

So when you have a unique and deadly proposition, you're more likely to get a sale. So focus on specializing in a field/product and have all the unique sales propositions about that specialization.

3. Provide a fantastic user experience.

I love Shopify. If you're going to be in the eCommerce world, use Shopify. Their user checkout flow, design, site, and templates are outstanding.

Another great example of an amazing eCommerce experience is Dollar Shave Club. You can imagine the moment you order from Dollar Shave Club and unboxing your first order.

Just like Shopify, although Shopify is an excellent platform, you also want the product delivery experience to buyers to be an amazing experience as well. From product design, the feelings you generate for others, they'll also help you generate more sales.

4. Select a traffic source

Utilizing SEO as a traffic source is a good thing especially for long-term gain. Alternatively, if you want to use ads, you can use Google Product Ads, Amazon Product Ads, Facebook Lookalike Audience, or Google AdWords.

Either way, choose a single ad source and spend all your attention and effort there.

For example, if you're using eCommerce, I'd recommend you to get started with Facebook Ads as it tends to convert very well to Shopify stores. This is especially so when you want to sell just one or two products or for starters. Then from there, once you've done well, you can expand the channels you use like Google AdWords and other channels. But first I recommend you start with Facebook ads.

5. Maximize your value per visitor

Do you have an upsell? Do you have a down-sell? All of that will help you make more money so that your ads or even SEO become more profitable.

You can also use Hello Bar to collect email addresses when people will leave your eCommerce store. That way, you can market your product/service to them and email them and reassure them by explaining why they need to buy your product/service, or notifying them of a $15 discount, or your privileges.

You can tell your unique sales story or proposition. Everything will help you, that's why you have to collect emails.

You should also do the same with push notifications. You can use tools like to maximize your eCommerce sales because when someone goes to your checkout page without making a purchase, you can use push notifications to get it back and then make it a conversion.

These are all simple ways to maximize your traffic and the value you create from each visitor.

6. Maximize average order value (AOV)

So we're talking about checkout bumps (encouraging customers at the checkout page to buy extra items at a cheaper price along with their main product), but you also want to do things like waive shipping costs. We found that waiving shipping costs will increase the average amount of value of your buyer's order.

My friend selling HDMI cables for TVs tried something interesting by waiving shipping costs and then increasing the price of the product.

Instead of making buyers pay shipping costs and buy products at lower prices, my friend raised the price of the more expensive product and waived the shipping costs, so the total mathematical count of the eventual purchase price was the same. Uniquely, my friend noticed that he got more sales just because the shipping costs were free.

Do just that. Take advantage of your bump checkout with a very attractive offer. ClickFunnels does an amazing job of using checkout bumps. You can look at their site and see how they use it so you can get inspiration from them and then find out what you want to do with your bump checkout.


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