How to Sign Up for the Most Complete Google AdSense for Beginners

Additional income can be obtained easily through the internet. One of them is to create Google AdSense. You've probably read, heard, or seen for yourself Bloggers or YouTubers earning millions or even tens of millions thanks to AdSense. That's true. You can also earn the same amount of money using Google AdSense. But of course, you have to register first.

Well, in this article I will discuss what is Google AdSense, how to list the latest Google AdSense, to tips and tricks to get Google AdSense quickly accepted by Google.

Ready to learn how to create Google AdSense? Let's see the full explanation in this article.

Table of contents

    1. What is Google AdSense?

    2. 5 Advantages of Using Google AdSense

        2.1 1. Additional Income

        2.2 2. Ads According to Website Content

        2.3 3. Customizable Ad Form

        2.4 4. Multiple References Available

        2.5 5. Provides Complete Statistics

    3. Ways to Sign Up for Google AdSense

        3.1 Step 1 - Creating an AdSense Account

        3.2 Step 2: Activate your AdSense Account

        3.3 Step 3: Create AdSense Ads

            3.3.1 - Creating Ad Units (Ads)

            3.3.2 - Choosing an Ad Type

            3.3.3 - Choosing An Ads Text Style

        3.4 Step 4 – How to Add AdSense Ads to a WordPress Website

            3.4.1 - Easy Google AdSense

            3.4.2 - Ad Injection

        3.5 Manually Adding AdSense Ads

    4. 5 Easiest Tips to Get Google AdSense

        4. 1. Make Sure Navigation Is Easy to Use & Clear

        4. 2. Create Interesting and Unique Content

        4. 3. Use Google AdSense Only

        4. 4. Already Have 10-15 Active Articles

        4. 5. Make Sure There Are 100 Visitors Every Day

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program from Google that allows users to become partners. All users can follow this service provided that they have a blog or website.

Users (website owners) who follow the Google AdSense program will get paid by Google when their ads are clicked by visitors. The characteristics of websites that follow this program are characterized by the presence of advertisements in the sidebars or the middle of the article (depending on how the owner organizes them). For example, as shown below.

Most website owners monetize using Google AdSense. Using this service is quite easy. AdSense also offers more commissions compared to similar services. Of course, this opportunity does not want to be missed by the owners of the website. They also often install AdSense on their websites.

5 Advantages of Using Google AdSense

Well! Before you try Google AdSense for yourself, it's best to know some of the benefits.

1. Additional Income

Certainly! The main advantage of using Google AdSense is the payment offered. Additional AdSense ads installed on your website will make the website more yielding.

The revenue you can earn from AdSense depends on several factors, including the popularity level of the website and also the amount of advertising offered by advertisers. The more competitive the targeted keyword, the greater the value of each ad click.

Google makes payments on a monthly note. Disbursement can be done on the condition that it meets the income of $100.

2. Advertisements According to Website Content

Content is an important part of attracting visitors so it needs a good arrangement. When you use services like Google AdSense and similar services, it will certainly reduce the space in the content. Of course, this makes visitors sometimes do not like it.

Well! The advantage of following the Google AdSense program is that ads appear according to the content of your website. So the ads aren't too intrusive. Just imagine if the context advertising content is much different from the website.

For example, your website talks about web hosting services but the ads shown are related to plants or animals. Of course, this is quite disturbing.

3. Customizable Ad Form

The appearance and uniqueness of a website or blog are certainly very important for visitors, especially the ease of navigation. Google AdSense ads are indeed the size of the content that appears within the website - as discussed earlier.

But you don't have to worry because on the other hand Google AdSense also offers customizable ads. Users can easily set the size, shape, and background as well as the border of the ad.

Well! For those of you who have webmaster skills or blogger background of course can use Google AdSense as a "complete" design.

4. Lots of References Available

AdSense is a very popular advertising program. It could be that it's popular thanks to its complete documentation. Not only that but there are many references and tips and tricks related to AdSense spread across the internet.

The complete documentation is of course very useful for those of you who are trying to use the AdSense service. If there is a problem just search using Google Search. There are tons of references that you can read about AdSense.

5. Provides Complete Statistics

Google AdSense provides complete statistics and analysis of website visitors and earnings. All of these features can be found in your dashboard account. You can even see the number of clicks, the revenue per click and the total revenue, the popularity of the website, and the popularity of the web pages based on the ads that are shown.

In addition to the statistics feature, another interesting feature of Google AdSense is the presence of security features that can be used to block unwanted ads.

Already interested in installing Google AdSense? Relax, you only need a few steps. But be patient as there is a process where you have to wait a few days for the verification process.

How to Sign Up for Google AdSense

Creating Google AdSense is very easy because you only need emails and websites that are already active. There are at least four steps you need to do: create an AdSense account, activate your AdSense account, create AdSense ads, and add AdSense ads to your website.

Step 1 - Create an AdSense Account

Create an AdSense account first. Please visit the AdSense Sign Up page, then click "Sign Up Now". You will be asked to fill out several registration forms. Fill in the website and email you want to register.

Scroll down and click "Save & Continue"? to continue.

There will be verification again. You just scroll down and click "Create Account".

Bingo! Your account is already active. But it can not be used yet. You must activate it first.

Step 2: Activate your AdSense Account

After the registration process, you will be logged into the Google AdSense dashboard. Then fill in some of the requested information.

Important!: Enter the address correctly. The address is the destination when you want to withdraw your AdSense payment. If it's wrong, you'll never receive a disbursed payment.

Then click "Submit"? when you're done.

You will be prompted to copy a few lines of code into the website as below screenshot shown. The code is useful as an AdSense identity within the website. If you're wrong, you won't receive AdSense ads or ads that show invalid.

Then after adding it to the website, don't forget to put a checkmark in the 'I’ve pasted the code into my site’. This is to ensure that a line of code is added to the website. For what? So that Google AdSense can check and audit your website whether it is eligible to enable AdSense or not.

Don't forget to click "Done" to continue.

If successful, you will receive a notification below.

Well, until now usually Google AdSense will ask you to wait at least 3 days. But in some cases, it takes longer. You'll receive an email if your AdSense account activation request was successful.

If your application is rejected, AdSense will also send you an email with information about the reason for the rejection.

Step 3: Create an AdSense Ad

Google AdSense has approved your account and is it now active? It's time to create an ad and put it on the website. Of course, this will be an interesting thing because you will organize the ads according to your needs and desires.

There are at least three things you can do to set up your AdSense ads - create an ad unit, choose an ad type, and choose an ad text style

- Create Ad Units (Ads)

Log in to your AdSense account dashboard and click the "My Ads" tab. You'll find several menus related to ad content settings.

Click the option "Add units" which is in the menu section "Content". This tab will show you a list of ads you've created. You can use existing ads or create new ads.

To create a new ad, click the "+ New ad unit" button? example below.

- Selecting Ad Types

You'll see how some ad types look. Google AdSense offers several types of ads, such as Responsive, Leaderboard, Large Rectangle, Large Mobile Banner, or Large Skyscraper.

In addition, you can also choose the type of ad. There are at least four types of ads offered by Google AdSense - text and display ads, matched content, in-feed ads, and in-article ads.

You can choose between the sizes and types of ads that you want. Let's say you choose an ad 'responsive' with type 'text and display ads'. Click 'Responsive' and select the 'Text & display ads'.

- Selecting Text Styles Ads

Not only does it arrive at the selection of ad sizes and types. You can customize the look of your ads further.

There are several ad style options that you can choose from. You can also choose the border color, title, text, URL, and background. This feature is one of the advantages of Google AdSense.

Once you're done, don't forget to click "Save and Get Code".

You'll get a few lines of code. These lines of code are ads that later appear on website pages. Copy the code and add it to the website according to your desired place.

No need to worry about ad sizes because they will adjust to the sizes available on the website page.

Click "Close"? to complete the unit creation process.

You don't have to add lines of code right then and there. Access units that you have created at any time can be accessed through the menu "My Ads » Content » Ad Units".

Step 4 – How to Add AdSense Ads to a WordPress Website

There are at least two ways to add AdSense ads to your WordPress Website, which is to use plugins or manually use a code editor.

- Easy Google AdSense

Easy Google Adsense makes the process of monetization of websites simpler. You don't need to manually add Google ad code to place AdSense ads into your website. Especially if the sections on each website are different.

All you have to do is add your Google AdSense Publisher ID in your settings. Using this plugin, Google will automatically generate ads optimally and of course with an attractive look for website visitors.

- Ad Injection

Ad Injection is a plugin that helps you insert a wide variety of ads (one of the Google AdSense) into the content of posts and WordPress pages.

You can set the number of ads by length, and adjust who can see them based on postage, target visitors, and IP address. The ads you enter can be located (random, top, or below) or between widget or sidebar areas.

If you want a lot of options, Ad Injection is a great choice.

  * Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage a wide variety of ads. You can use this plugin to place your ads in optimal positions.

Ad Inserter supports not only Google AdSense, but also Google Ad Manager, Media.Net, and Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

Plugins aren't just AdSense or ad plugins. There are a wide variety of options for adding opt-in forms, header scripts, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, analytics, ad code checking across website pages.

Manually Add AdSense Ads

You can add AdSense ad code without installing a plugin, which is to use widgets in WordPress.

  1. log in to the WordPress dashboard. Click "Appearance » Widgets", you will enter the widget menu.
  2. Then add a Text widget. You can put it to your liking. In this example, I put the code inside the "Left Sidebar".

 1. You can fill in the title section as you want. In the example image above I used the name Ads. Then for the AdSense ad code, you can add it below it. Well! When you're done don't forget to click "Save".

You need to wait a while to see the ads appear on the website page.

5 Easiest Tips to Get Accepted by Google AdSense

Is your AdSense account still being declined? You may be ignoring some things. Some tips might help you easily activate your AdSense account.

1. Make Sure Navigation Is Easy to Use & Clear

Navigation is an important part of the website. Navigation is very decisive for visitors' convenience. The easier and clearer the navigation of a website, the better the user experience provided. Navigation can also be a factor in user effectiveness when interacting with your website.

There are at least three things you need to consider with regard to navigation, namely readability, setup, and functionality. For example, such as a good travel website navigation arrangement like this 'Home » Destinations » Galery » Reviews » About Us'.

But you can also specify navigation as you like as long as visitors can easily and quickly understand and interact with the content of the website. You can ask friends or visitors for feedback through a form if possible.

But you can also specify navigation as you like as long as visitors can easily and quickly understand and interact with the content of the website. You can ask friends or visitors for feedback through a form if possible.

2. Create Interesting and Unique Content

No less important, namely Content!. No matter how good the website looks, if you don't have unique and interesting content, it's hard to bring traffic.

You can bring in loyal visitors using original and quality content. If visitors already like the content you've created, they'll usually tell or suggest your website when someone else is looking for information related to the website. Of course, this will help to continue to develop your content and website.

You need to be careful when using references from other media. Both articles and videos. It could be that your website is detected as plagiarism or even a spam website.

Well! It would be better if you create original content. Google will prefer such content because it complies with its policy of blocking websites that contain imitation or copyright infringement content.

3. Use Google AdSense Only

There are several advertising services other than Google AdSense. However, it's best not to use anything else before AdSense approves your account activation request.

It's like if you want to leave an ad on a billboard, you don't want anyone else to use it to serve the same ad. It's the same with Google. Your website will be more trusted if you only use advertising services from them.

4. Already Have 10-15 Active Articles

Well! One of the other important things is the presence of articles or active content on the blog. At least 10-15 articles. How do you recognize a website if there are no articles? Of course, it's going to be tough.

The articles you add to your website will be Google's identifier to classify the types of content that are suitable for your website. In addition, quality articles will certainly be a positive indicator for Google to rate your website.

5. Make Sure There Are 100 Visitors Every Day

From the stories of some friends and some other references, you should have at least 100, active visitors, every day. However, the figure is still tentative. Even if you have fewer than 100 active visitors each day, it could be that Google approves your AdSense account activation request.

If you've already signed up for YouTube AdSense, there are some conditions you need to meet for your YouTube AdSense account to be activated. The requirements you need to meet are like at least 100 subscribers and have been watched more than 4000 hours. It could be that similar conditions (such as the number of articles and visitors) apply to enabling AdSense on your blog.


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