Most Powerful Types of Online Advertising to Bring Profit

This is 5 Most Powerful Types of Online Advertising To Bring Profit

Table of contents

1. What is online advertising?

2. What Are the Advantages of Online Advertising for Your Business?

    2.1 More Measurable Ads

    2.2 Online Advertising is More Various Formats

3. Types of Online Ads You Can Use

    3. 1. Paid Search

    3. 2. Paid Social

    3..1 Objectives of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads:

    3..2 Twitter Ads offers six objectives:

    3. 3. Email Marketing

    3. 4. Remarketing

    3. 5. Video Marketing

4. Conclusion

What is online advertising?

Perhaps for most people familiar advertisements are the advertisements found on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, or billboards. Online advertising is still relatively new, starting with the appearance of banner ads on October 27, 1994 in the online magazine HotWire (Source: Hubspot Blog).

Online advertising is an advertisement that uses the internet as a medium for delivering promotional messages, both displayed on desktop computers and mobile devices. There are various types of online advertising.

What are the Advantages of Online Advertising for Your Business?

Before discussing the types of online advertising for various types of businesses, it's a good idea to know the advantages of using online advertising. Here are the advantages you can get:

  * More Scalable Ads

Online advertising is very easy for you to do the analysis. You can monitor the effectiveness of your ads from the reach, costs, to the target of your ads. The ad platform already provides a variety of reporting data that you can analyze to determine your next ad target.

  * Online Advertising is More Various Formats

In addition to being more scalable, online advertising has the advantage of freedom in determining the type and format of the ad. Starting from images, videos, text, to a combination of the three you can use as needed.

Types of Online Ads You Can Use

After knowing the types of online advertising and the following examples of online advertising, you are expected to be able to expand your business network. You can also find out which type of ad is most appropriate for your business. Check out the following explanation:

1. Paid Search

Since the discovery of online search engines, anyone can find anything in cyberspace, from scientific journals to household appliances.

The existence of online search engines such as Google also changes consumer behavior, where consumers today can search for products on Google first before buying them. Google calls this state a Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

According to Google, 84 percent of consumers search for a product on Google before buying it. You can take this opportunity to show your online ads through search results.

Paid search can be found on all search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. However, we will only discuss paid search from Google because the users are the most.

Google provides paid search services through Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords. Google rebranded Google AdWords into Google Ads while maintaining existing features with new features such as Smart Campaign. A more complete description of the latest version of Google Ads will only be released around July 2018.

Google Ads offers a way of advertising through search results, display ads, YouTube ads, and ads in mobile apps.

You can start advertising online in Google Ads easily.

The thing that must be considered in paid search is keywords. You have to choose the right keywords, namely the keywords that are most sought after by potential customers to find your product.

When searching for a keyword related to a particular product, potential consumers can find search results with advertising labels as above. Search results with advertising labels are referred to as paid search.

2. Paid Social

In the first point, it has been explained online advertising in Google search results. Not only in Google search results, but you can also create online ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media is a strategic place in cyberspace to place your online advertisements. Based on APJII research, 87.13 percent of internet users in Indonesia access social media services.

In addition, online advertising on social media allows you to specifically target potential customers based on certain categories such as education level, age, location, interests, hobbies, gender, and income.

Some of the popular social media that you can use are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads.

There are several differences to consider when choosing social media to place your ads on. The first thing to note is the objectives that each social media can achieve.

Facebook and Instagram offer the same three objectives because they are under one corporate umbrella, namely Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Objectives:

  * Awareness objectives are the goals of building brand awareness or increasing brand reach.

  * Consideration objectives are driving traffic to your website, increasing engagement, increasing app installs, lead generation, or encouraging your audience to contact your company via messenger.

  * Conversions objectives are to create online conversions or encourage audiences to come to physical stores if any.

There are various ad formats available. Some ad formats that are equally available on Facebook and Instagram are photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. There are various ad sizes that you can choose from.

The ad formats that are only available on Facebook are collection ads, slideshow ads, lead ads, and messenger ads. Meanwhile, the only ad format available on Instagram is Instagram Stories Ads.

Although not as popular as the two previous social media, Twitter has quite a lot of active users in Indonesia, which is 40 percent. This makes Twitter one of the potential social media for advertising.

Creating Effective Advertising Banners for Your Business

Twitter Ads offers six objectives:

  * Conversion is promoting tweets to people who have the potential to convert on your website.

  * Tweet engagement is starting a conversation about your brand on Twitter.

  * Gain followers is to promote your Twitter account and the fee paid is per follower earned.

  * Increase brand awareness is to promote tweets to a wide audience and the fee paid is per impression obtained.

  * Video views are promoting your video to a targeted audience and the fee paid per view of the video.

  * App installs are promoting tweets and will be charged per link open or per app install.

The ad formats provided are Twitter Promote and Twitter Ad Campaign

We will discuss the steps to create Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads in different articles because the discussion of each type of ad is quite long.

3. Email Marketing

You can also advertise via email. Email is not only useful as a personal communication tool but can also be used as a marketing tool. Email marketing is the delivery of commercial messages such as newsletters and promotions via email.

Email marketing is not only cheap but also has a high level of effectiveness. According to research by McKinsey and Company, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, the use of email marketing as an online advertisement is highly recommended

One example of good email marketing is email marketing BuzzFeed:

4. Remarketing

In addition to providing paid search, Google also provides remarketing services.

Google Adwords (now Google Ads) Remarketing shows online advertisements to people who have visited your website or app.

When these people leave your website or you, whether or not they buy your product, they will start seeing your ads while browsing other sites or watching videos on YouTube.

The main purpose of remarketing is to maintain buying intent or the desire to buy from potential customers.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective types of online advertising for all types of businesses, be it small companies or large companies. The effectiveness of video marketing is proven by Vidyard, an international company in the field of marketing that focuses on online videos.

According to a 2017 Vidyard report, 92 percent of companies (both large and small) state that video is important for content marketing. In 2017, 41 percent of companies produced 11 to 50 video marketing videos. Still based on the Vidyard report, 70 percent of companies also state that video marketing is more effective than other types of content to encourage consumers to convert.

What kind of content can you use for video marketing? Here is some video marketing content that you can apply to your company: product videos, product demos, product explanation videos, social media videos, webinars, video tutorials, consumer videos, live streams, and vlogs.


There are various ways to advertise online. You can use the five types of online advertising above to attract more consumers to buy your products.

You can use one or several types of ads, which of course are tailored to your company's funds. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the target audience you want to target because each advertising media has the characteristics of its audience


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