Why You Should Use Google Analytics in 2021

Google Analytics is a tool developed by Google that is devoted to recording data on things that happen on a website. The data plays a role in what strategies are right for the development of websites and businesses in it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use Google Analytics on your website:

1. See How Others Find Your Website

There are billions of websites currently on the internet and they are all looking for each other's attention to the crowded users of Google's search engine. Your job is to figure out how to make your website easy for them to find and visit a lot.

And Google Analytics is the right solution for that. In Google Analytics there is an Acquisition section, this Acquisition records traces of where your visitors come from. Starting from Google search results, Social media, Links from other websites, to type directly the URL of your website in their browser.

Any action you take to increase brand popularity can be seen in the Acquisition section of Google Analytics.

2. Track What Visitors Do on the Website

Attracting visitors to visit your website is a very important thing. But no less important to find a way to make them feel at home lingering there and want to explore your content. Google Analytics also tracks information related to this.

The Behaviour section of Google Analytics provides information on which pages receive visitors the most, what pages they click on next, and how much time they spend on your website.

This information can be used as a reference to find out which parts of your website attract the most visitors. And from there it can be decided to optimize the design even better or improve the content in it to make it more informative and liked by visitors.

3. Get Data On Who Visited Your Website

Most websites don't care who is targeted. But if there are specific visitors you are after then this is another reason you need to use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics also records data about who people visit your website in the form of their demographics, geography, gender, and interests online.

In addition, you can also see what browser platform they're using and what device (desktop vs tablet vs mobile) they're using.

For example, if the mobile device has the most access, then you may need to further optimize the appearance of your website on the mobile version to be more responsive.

4. Track Conversions That Happen on Your Website

A website does have an assortment of actions that its visitors want to take. It can be to buy a product, download an e-book, or register as a member. You can take advantage of the Google Analytics Conversion Tracking feature for this.

For most websites, data about conversions is very important to find out if the main goal of the website has been achieved or not.

5. Free and Easy to Use

In addition to the four things above, Google Analytics is 100% free. Which is perfect for those who have a budget. All you need to do is visit the Login or Sign Up https://analytics.google.com/analytics/ with your Gmail account.

If you are logged in, then you just have to register your website and install Conversion Tracking on the website according to what actions visitors want to take on your website.


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