3 Easy Ways to Get More Visitors Back to Your Site

3 Easy Ways to Get More Visitors Back to Your Site

Digital marketers tend to focus on attracting new customers because they measure success by the number of new clicks that are successfully directed to their sites.

When in fact, "Returning Customer" it's more important to your business, than First-time-Visitor.

It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Increasing the retention rate of returning customers by only 5%, can increase profits by about 25-95%.

In another study, Barilliance found that returning visitors:

  * Added items to cart 65% more than first-time visitors

  * Become 73% more conversions than first-time visitors

  * Spend 16% more money per transaction

But not only that:

  * In many cases, encouraging people to come back to your site is less expensive or even free than generating new clicks.

  * Possibility of returning visitors (New Visitors)

  * To make higher purchases: Those who return to your site feel more confident browsing your website and know what they are coming back for.

Returning customers visiting your website can drive more sales by recommending your business to their friends.

In other words, returning customers to your site buy more of your product/service, but require a much lower marketing budget:

Several ways have been discussed in depth to grow your website traffic returning visitors, which you may have already done, such as:

  * Remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, such as trying to reach your previous site visitors on social media with custom ad campaigns using the Facebook tracking pixel.

  * Email marketing automation (also referred to as drip campaigns ), which is using a sophisticated email marketing platform to set up a workflow that automatically sends email messages based on actions taken by users of your site, such as subscribing to a newsletter, clicking on a link, leaving the cart, etc.

Here are 3 simple ways to grow your website traffic returning visitors:

1) Measure and Research Returning Customers in Google Analytics

Shirish Agarwal, the founder of Flow20, says that your returning visitor is the type of visitor most likely to convert:

"This is the group most likely to buy from you. Once you know what the average buying rate for this group is, you should monitor it monthly to ensure that your other marketing efforts are not negatively impacting this."

Generally, before trying to bring them back to your site, it's a good idea to start by learning more about your recent returning visitors, such as their behavior patterns and what drives them to come back.

Web Analytics can provide a variety of answers to determine whether what you are doing is right or wrong, including:

  * Improve the usability of your site

  * Track and measure backlink quality

  * Measuring ROI

  * Improve your site performance

Google Analytics provides some solid insights into returning traffic. There are several ways to learn more about your returning visitors.

A) Learn How Visitors Come To Your Site

  * Navigation: Audience > User Flow

  * Click “New segment”

  * Select "Returning User"

Here you can see which web pages have lost the most returning visitors. This could be a sign of a usability issue that needs to be fixed.

B) Identify Visitors' Favorite Landing Pages

Which pages drive the most returning visitors? These links may be tagged by your customers so they can return to your site easily. You need to optimize these pages to better serve returning visitors, especially if you see any worrying signs, such as a higher-than-usual bounce rate:

  * Navigate Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning

  * Select “Landing page” using the secondary dimension option

C) Monitor Overall Visitor Returning Trend

If you pay more attention to returning visitors, you can expect their number to grow. But how to measure it?

Google Analytics will help you:

  * Navigate Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning

  * Save this report to access it easily

You can also use one of these plugins to directly pull saved reports to your WordPress dashboard.

2) Growing Community Around Your Brand

Nurturing community is one of the most effective ways to increase visitors coming back to your website. This simple tactic involves building a familiarity between visitors and your brand and engaging your existing customers regularly.

Both encourage shoppers to come back to your site. Building a community also has other benefits, such as increased brand loyalty and inspiring word-of-mouth marketing.

Content marketing is one of the most important ways to build a micro-community around your brand. How to? Easy.

You can turn occasional buying customers into loyal community members by educating them.

One of the best ways to build a loyal community by educating your customers is to create video courses. In short:

  * Video courses combine all of your content marketing efforts around an ongoing project. It unites your team around a goal and keeps all your marketing tactics more organized.

  * Educational video courses can be top and mid-funnel assets because they can bring in new clicks and engage current traffic.

  * By creating video courses, you can drive brand loyalty and sales, especially if you choose a topic that complements the product or service you are selling

And finally, putting together a video course doesn't require a huge marketing budget. You can use Kajabi to handle all the steps of course management, from hosting videos to building landing pages and sending drip emails:

Kajabi will drive customers back to your site by sending them personalized email updates and broadcasts. It also lets you segment your list and learn more about your students through advanced analytics.

3) Personalize Return Visitor Experience

Give your visitors more reasons to buy your products back to your site by personalizing the CTA on your page based on their history of interaction with your site.

You can easily do that with Finteza, a powerful comprehensive analytics tool that allows you to create remarketing campaigns and set conversion goals to better target those who have previously visited your site.

For example, you could set up a custom ad campaign that promotes premium content to your customers who have previously read at least half of your free guide:

These are people who previously expressed interest in your content by reading at least half a page of your article. Now you can turn more of them into conversions by serving personalized ads promoting your book on the same topic.

Another way to personalize the experience of visitors who have come to your site before is to use an AI-driven solution that will research your customer behavior and create dynamically personalized conversion channels for each of your customers.

Alter is one of the best examples: Alter engages your site visitors by showing personalized content recommendations:

Important point

Building relationships with your returning customers has many benefits, including increased sales and brand loyalty. Here's a quick summary of tips from this article:

  * Install Google Analytics to monitor your returning traffic as well as its growth and on-site interactions. Keep an eye out for red flags so you can quickly fix possible usability issues that could hinder your efforts further.

  * Create a content marketing strategy that builds a community to nurture your relationship with returning visitors and turn them into brand advocates.

  * Increase your conversions by personalizing the experience of past visitors by creating custom conversion funnels based on their interaction history with your site.

In most cases, directing past visitors to your site costs nothing at all, so there's no reason to ignore this idea!


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