7+ Ways to Become an Online Freelancer to Earn Extra Money

Nowadays, being a freelancer is quite a in demand because it is more flexible: you can work anytime and anywhere. According to the survey, the number of freelance workers in Indonesia rose 26 percent. And, 97% of freelancers are happier than office workers.

Are you interested in getting into the freelance world right away? However, still, confused about how to get money from freelancers? Don't worry, we have tips on how to become a beginner freelancer that can be applied easily. Let's see the explanation!

5 Reasons to Be a Freelancer in Great Interest

Why is being a freelancer so popular nowadays? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Be Your Own Boss

Wanting to be free to do the work they want but still being professional seems to be the reason why someone becomes a freelancer. In other words, you can be your own boss.

That's right. You don't have to work by rules, such as salary standards, vacation permits, and so on. You can determine everything yourself. How come? Because you can discuss all terms of work with your clients.

In addition, you can even terminate the cooperation with a client if it is not in accordance with the agreed agreement. For example, a client is late in paying for your work.

2. More Flexible Time

Are you more productive working at night? Does not matter. As a freelancer, you can work on projects as you wish, at any time. Most importantly, the work can be completed on time.

3. Free to Work From Anywhere

Want to work from home? Can. Want to work in a coffee shop or coworking space? Can also. As long as your work can be done well, you are free to choose where you want to work from.

Clients will not determine your place of work except for meeting needs. Even so, now you can do it with various online meeting applications.

4. Can Choose Your Own Project

A freelancer can choose the job as desired. In addition, to match the expertise, the work results must also be more optimal.

Say, you are a freelance writer and master the topic of technology. Although there are many job offers for other topics, you can prioritize taking a writing project on technology first.

5. Promising Income

Freelancers are professionals who are paid according to their skills. So, the higher your skill, the more income you can generate.

In addition, there are many jobs for freelancers nowadays. Either in the form of direct offers or through various freelancer platforms.

How to Be a Beginner Freelancer You Must Know

Here are some ways to become an online freelancer for beginners:

1. Determine the Niche According to Your Skills

What are your current skills? Writing content? Or create a website? Whatever it is, make it your niche. What are Niches?

A niche is a specific topic or segmentation as a skill that you are most skilled at.

Actually, without specifying a niche, you can still become a freelancer. However, by limiting it to certain segments, it will be easier to build personal branding as an expert.

When you become an expert, the rates for your freelance services can be higher, you know. In fact, job offers from clients, of course, will also be more. This is the most important way to become a freelancer online.

2. Describe the Skills You Offer

Determine the niche, already. What else can you do to become a beginner freelancer? Make an email of what you have to offer.

For example, you choose a writing niche and become a content writer. You can explain the type of writing you can do. Is it a blog article, ebook, or YouTube script? Then, what topics are you good at? Technology, business, or otherwise. If you master SEO techniques, list it as one of your strengths.

With all these details, it will be easy for potential clients to know the expertise you offer.

3. Determine the Target Market

Like fishing, you first need to know what fish you want to catch. Likewise in the freelance world!

Determining the target market is one way to get money from freelancers that you should not miss.

Let's say you offer graphic design services. Guess who will need your skills. Website owner? Advertising company? or, website and application developers?

Now, if you already know who the potential customers are, it will be easier to determine what type of design to master. Not only that, the promotions you do can be more clear and on target.

4. Determine the Right Rate for Your Expertise

What is the right price for website creation services?

That's a question that many newbie freelancers often ask. If you set a high price, it can be difficult to get clients. On the other hand, if it's too low, you can't even make a profit.

So as not to get confused, there are a few things you can consider:

  * Projects done

The type of freelance project being worked on also determines the price. Learn first, whether the job is easy or difficult.

Don't forget to differentiate between personal and corporate clients. The reason is that their budgets are certainly different. Moreover, if the client is from abroad.

  * Payment used

Generally, freelance work recognizes per project and hourly payments. Well, in Indonesia itself, what is often used is per project. So, payments are made after the work is done, regardless of how long it takes.

Even so, if the work lasts a long time, there is nothing wrong with asking for payment every month. Besides being more convenient for you, it's easier to determine the price of the services, right?

  * Standard rates for freelancers in your niche

How much do other freelancers charge? Well, instead of assuming, research the price of a niche service on the market. You can see it on several freelance platforms or ask fellow freelancers.

  * What is the client's budget?

You can set a fixed rate. However, adjusting to the client's budget can also be a strategy. Especially, for those of you who are still beginners. The key is to be good at negotiating so that the rates given are decent.

5. Create an Attractive Portfolio

How do clients know that you are the person they need? The answer, through the portfolio.

You can display all the best work in the portfolio. For example, designs that you have created or sample content on various websites.

Well, to display an attractive and easily accessible portfolio, you can use a website. Moreover, creating a portfolio website is now much easier.

There are many benefits to creating a website. First, your portfolio can appear on the first page of Google. So, it is easier to find many people. Second, clients can directly connect with you through the WhatsApp chat feature on the website.

6. Promote Your Skills

Knowing the target market, already. Have a portfolio website too. Well, the next way to get money from freelancers is to promote your skills.

There are many promotional options, ranging from free to paid.

For beginners, using a free one can be the best choice. For example, implementing SEO optimization. You can also promote through professional-only social media such as LinkedIn or other social media such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your services.

If you really have a budget, you can use the paid one through advertising. You can use Google Ads services, or advertising services from social media, such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

7. Improve Your Skills

As a freelancer, it is imperative that you develop good technical skills. Because it is this skill that the client will first glance at.

Still using examples in the writing niche. It's a good idea to hone your SEO skills if the type of project you accept is blog writing. Because almost all clients want their articles to be number one in Google search results.

Not to mention, the development of SEO is very fast. You must always update the Google algorithm so you don't miss any information related to SEO.

Not only that, but you can also learn other writing skills, such as copywriting. So, when there are enough copywriting job offers, you can take it with qualified skills.

Well, this also applies to other niches. Whatever it is, keep improving and expanding your skills in that area.

8. Register on the Freelancer Platform

Another way to become an online freelancer is to sign up for a freelancer platform so you can reach a wider range of clients.

Many freelancer sites make it easy for you to meet clients. Because the system has been prepared, it will also be easier for clients to find your expertise. In addition, the ease of payment and security are also quite guaranteed.

Now, if you have clients, you can direct them to your website. If they need your services again, they can easily contact you directly.

In addition, this step can at the same time reduce competition with other freelancers who charge lower rates.

Online Freelance Sites You Can Try

One way to earn money from freelancers is to join an online freelance site. The following are recommendations for Indonesian and International online freelancer sites that are proven to be trustworthy for you to try.

1. UpWork

Upwork is known as a freelance website that is quite popular with more than 12 million job seekers and 3 million registered clients.

This freelance site offers an hourly or per-project payment system. So, it can be more flexible to determine the project as you wish.

Upwork is suitable for novice freelancers with various features provided like a pro. For example, making invoices.

2. 99design

As the name suggests, 99design is a freelance site devoted to designers.

This freelance site has a quite different system. Besides being able to get a design project directly, you can also take part in a contest organized by a client.

For beginners who want to focus on one niche first, taking a project from a client is recommended.

3. Designhill

4. Toptal

5. LinkedIn, etc

Ready to be a Successful Online Freelancer?

Well, those were some ways to get money from online freelance that you need to do. Don't let you jump into the freelance world without preparation, okay?

Start by determining your niche and target market, creating a portfolio website, to registering on a freelancer site.

Of all the steps above, creating a portfolio website should not be missed. This is your key to becoming a successful freelancer. You can build branding and look more credible and professional.

If you want to make it easy and fast, you can use a portfolio website template. Just edit a little, add your profile, and your best project, that's it. So what are you waiting for? Make your dream of becoming a successful freelancer come true!


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